On this page, you can find information about the Cadence products used in the Systems and Integrated Circuits (SiCI) group and the postgraduate in electronics at INAOE.



Cadence® products are used in several courses including:


  • Analog Integrated Circuit Design I
  • Digital Integrated Circuit Design I
  • Integrated Circuit Simulation Techniques
  • High Frequency Electronic Systems
  • Signals processing
  • High Frequency Nonlinear Devices
  • Analog IC Design II
  • Digital Integrated Circuit Design II
  • Procesamiento analógico de señales
  • Capacitive and resistive sensor conditioning
  • Architectures of Analog-Digital and Digital-Analog converters
  • References and voltage regulators
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Acquisition and Processing of Biosignals
  • Low-power, low-voltage circuit design
  • Chaotic Oscillator Design
  • Electrical noise in circuits and systems
  • Advanced Analog IC Design
  • Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies



Cadence® products are used in several research including:


  • Body network systems and implantable devices.
  • Circuit design with low power requirement and low supply voltage.
  • Design of Analog/Digital and Digital/Analog converters.
  • Analog CMOS design for continuous time signal processing.
  • Reading circuits design and sensor conditioning.
  • Design of DC-DC converters for energy harvesting systems.
  • Chaotic systems applications in IoT, cryptography and security.




Research group


Faculty SiCI
Champac Vilela, Víctor  Rocha Perez, Jose Miguel
Díaz Méndez, Alejandro  Bautista Castillo, Alejandro
Díaz Sánchez, Alejandro  
Espinosa Flores-Verdad, Guillermo  
Hernández Martínez, Luis  
Sanz Pascual, María Teresa  
Sarmiento Reyes, Librado Arturo  
Tlelo Cuautle, Esteban  





Rosales Núñez, Sergio Alejandro

 Santiago Fernández, Jonathan

Bolaños Pérez, Ricardo



Instructions for reaching CADENCE tools.






Dr. Alejandro Bautista Castillo 


+52 22 22 66 31 00 Ext. 6205


Claudia Juárez Corona


+52 222 266 31 00 ext. 8131-8121


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