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The Department of Astrophysics of INAOE has -within its faculty- 36 full-time research scientists, four CONACYT´s fellowship scientist, and three postdoctoral fellows.

Furthermore, in average, there are 55 postgraduate students (13 - M.Sc. and 42- Ph.D.) either in Astrophysics or in Astronomical Instrumentation. In addition, 32 people give technical and administrative support (research assistant, technicians and administrative) to the Department.

Around 90 percent of the faculty of this Department are members of the National Research System (SNI). The SNI promotes and evaluates professional and scientific research activity in Mexico.

Astrophysicists of INAOE work on five main fields of study:

  1. Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology

  2. Galactic Astronomy

  3. Stellar Astrophysics

  4. Astronomical Instrumentation

  5. Millimetric Astronomy and Radio Astronomy

Head of Department: José Ramón Valdés Parra, Ph.D.

Phone number: +52 (222) 247 2231
Switchboard: +52 222 266 3100 Ext.1324 and 1325

Administrative Support
Mrs. Laura Gómez-Romero,

Miss Nathalie Cuautle,


Site Cananea, Sonora. GH Observatory

Noriega Nieblas Sergio, BSc,



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