PINGSoft 2: an IDL Integral Field Spectroscopy Software

PINGSoft, is a set of IDL routines designed to visualise, manipulate, and analyse integral field spectroscopy (IFS) data based on either 3D cubes or Raw Stacked Spectra (RSS) format. Any IFS data can be adapted to work with PINGSoft, regardless of the original data format and the size/shape of the spaxel.

PINGSoft 2 is a relatively major upgrade with respect to the first version: the overall functionality and layout have been improved, while the command syntax has been simplified. This version includes new routines that offer powerful spatial and spectral visualisation of the data, improved extraction routines, and new analysis tools. PINGSoft, is optimised for a fast visualisation rendering, it supports RSS and 3D cube formats, it is able to run on practically any computer platform with minimal library requirements. Additionally, some miscellaneous codes useful for generic tasks performed in astronomy and spectroscopy are also included.

PINGSoft 2 is adapted to work natively with the CALIFA survey data.

New features

  • A new widget for interactive visualisation of the spaxels and spectra of a 3D cube or RSS file.
  • Radial binning extraction with either fixed bins or based on a S/N floor.
  • Spectra extraction and integration based on a user-given mask.
  • Elliptical, conic or hyperbolic aperture extractions for any ellipticity, size and PA are now supported.
  • Spectra selection based on S/N on continuum and/or emission line features.
  • Intrinsic velocity field correction using a wavelength cross-correlation.
  • Voronoi binning based on the method developed by Cappellari & Copin (2003).
  • The data can be convolved with a full set of narrow and broad-band filters for visualization and/or analysis purposes.
  • Screenshots:


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If you find this code useful for your research please acknowledge the use of PINGSoft in your publications:

Rosales-Ortega (2011) NewAstron, 16, 220

PINGSoft is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty. Bugs, errors and inconsistencies (especially with non-tested instruments) are expected. If you want to report a bug, or if you have any comments or suggestions please contact the author at:

PINGSoft is licensed under GPLv3.