Galaxy sample

The PINGS galaxy sample is composed mainly of normal symmetric face-on spiral galaxies, although lopsided, interacting and barred spirals were also considered. A large fraction of the sample has a rich set of ancillary observations in the UV, infrared, HI, IR and radio. The sample covers a good range of galactic properties and star forming environments with multiwavelength public data. For more information see the Publications section.

Objects and mosaicking

Digital sky images of the PINGS galaxy sample. On each image, an array of hexagonal fields corresponding to the PPAK aperture is shown on scale. Each image is 10’ x 10’.

jpg_0628 jpg_1058 jpg_1637
jpg_2976 jpg_3184 n3310_ppak
jpg_4625 jpg_5474 ngc6701_fields
ngc6643_fields n7771_ppak jpg_stephan