view_ifs: Provides a 2D spatial and spectral interactive visualisation widget for 3D cubes and RSS IFS files.

view_3D: Command-line version of view_ifs, provides an interactive visualisation for 3D cubes and RSS files.

Spectra extraction

extract_region: Extracts the spectra of regions selected by hand.

extract_aperture: Extracts the spectra within an elliptical or circular aperture.

extract_radial: Extracts radial average spectra within consecutive elliptical rings from a reference point, based on either fixed bins or S/N floor.

extract_slit: Extracts the spectra within a rectangular aperture, resembling a long-slit observation.

extract_cone: Extracts the spectra within a region defined by a hyperbolic cone.

extract_mask: Extracts the spectra based on a user’s given mask or segmentation map.

integrate_3D: Integrates the spectra within a 3D cube or RSS file into a single spectrum.

Data products and analysis

extract_filter: Generates a 2D FITS image after convolving the 3D data with a narrow or broad-band filter.

vfield_3D: Calculates the intrinsic velocity field in 3D data using a wavelength cross-correlation.

s2n_ratio_3D: Calculates the continuum and emission-line S/N of the IFS data, and allows to interactively extracts spectra based on a S/N floor.

voronoi_3D: Applies the Voronoi tessellation method to bin the IFS data to a target signal-to-noise ratio per bin.

s2n_optimize: Extracts spectra interactively based on a S/N continuum and emission line optimization method using cumulative integrated spectra.

IFS manipulation

split_califa: Extracts the FITS extensions of the CALIFA survey data, writing individual files with the appropriate headers for 3D visualisation.

cube2rss: Generates a RSS file and a associated position table from a 3D cube FITS file.

Miscellaneous functions

redshift_3D: Returns the redshift of the input IFS data measured from the integrated spectra.

offset2radec: Transforms small angle offsets in arcsec from a reference point to equatorial coordinates.

radec2offset: Transforms equatorial coordinates to small angle offsets from a given reference point.

set_value2D: Replaces the values in a 2D array of an index vector found with the IDL WHERE() function.

set_value3D: Replaces vectors in a 3D array of an index vector found with the IDL WHERE() function.